The online or internet based casinos are highly popular these days all over the world. Although there are many gambler who still prefer to go to the conventional casinos but majority of the gambler prefer the online casino.

The higher preference of casinos online is based on some impressive features of these casinos including the higher numbers of casino games, various bonuses and the higher payout rates at the microgaming slots.

There are various expenses that a conventional casino has to bear including the salaries of the staff, utility bills, security, rent of the building etc. All of these costs cause the conventional casinos to offer limited payout rates on their games, whereas the online casino has to bear a lot lesser running costs as compared to the conventional ones

Lower running costs allow the casinos online to offer a lot better payouts rates and various other incentives to its registered players. There are huge numbers of players who prefer to join a casino online that is offering the highest payout rates on the games they love to play.

The online gambling industry is one of the highest earners around the globe that have led various scammers and deceivers to come to the industry. There are some casinos that are unreliable and fake. Most of these casinos can promise you the highest payout rates, wider range of casino games and various other highly attractive offers. But these casinos are unable to fulfill their promises, which mean that you have to be very careful when selecting a casino online.

The payout rates of casinos are offered in percentages. It is the percentage of the incoming wagers paid out to the players in winnings. It means that the higher the payout rates can get you higher valued wins in the games. Usually the payout rates vary from one online casino to another and from one game to another.

A casino that is offering the highest payout rates for its video poker may not be offering the same payouts for other pokie games. If you are interested in joining a casino online that is offering higher payout rates, you can do so by having a little research online.

The payout rates can vary a lot from one type of game to another in the same casino. Most commonly the table games in any casino are considered as the games with the highest payout rates. The payouts in the table games can vary between 98.5% and 99.5%.

 The payouts for video poker can start from 98% and usually go up-to 99%. The slot casino games can be the games with the lowest payout rates starting from just 96%. The highest payout rates in slot games usually go up-to 98%.