The way in which online slot games and the casino sites they are available at have been designed is such, that you now have plenty of different ways that you can access those casino sites and an abundance of great paying and potentially high paying games to play once you sign up to any such site.

However, I am often asked which the best casino sites to play at are, and just which
microgaming slots
games are going to give players the best type of gaming experience, those being the ones that players can rely on to deliver to them the most exciting of slot playing sessions.

The Zodiac Casino is one of the best casinos available all over the world for the thrill and fun seekers. The quality services, premium quality graphics and impressive gameplay can keep you playing the slots games for hours.

Therefore to answer those questions and many additional ones in regards to which are the best online slots and the best online casino sites at which to play them at I have put together the following article.

Belo I will walk you through the most important aspects of choosing an online casino at which to play at and will be pointing you in the right direction of just which are going to be the very best slot games you can play online too!

Fair Play and Slots Payouts

Some online casinos have been around and have been in business since the mid 1990’s, and it is only in the last decade or two that many countries of the world have finally got around to putting into place a legal structure and framework to enable them to monitor, regulate and oversee such sites.

Therefore, as a player what you are now in a position to do when you are looking for a good online casino site at which to play at that have online slots with high payout percentages is to look for which country and their respective gaming commission or gaming authority has licensed every single casino site you come across.

It should be noted however that not all casinos are licensed, and not all gaming commissions and gaming authorities demand a high set of standards are adhered to by their license holders.

So before you do make the decision of just which casinos you play at you should look for where each casino you are comparing is licensed, many Europe countries for example do have very strict rules and regulations that all casinos have to adhere to, so select a casino that is licensed in such a country if you have the option of doing for complete peace of mind.

Licensed Casinos Give You Access to Fair Slots

The only way you are going to known deep down whether any casino site is offering you fair and random slot games, is by religiously picking out and only ever playing at casinos that are licensed and have had their range of slot games and casino games tested and verified for randomness.

That is actually much easier to do than you may have first imagined, for those casinos I have chosen to present to you throughout this website have all been required to prove their fairness and randomness before being issued with their respective gaming licenses.

Therefore by simply picking out any of those casino sites you see showcased and fully reviewed throughout this website you are going to have no worries or concerns about the fairness of their slot games.

So, when you are good and ready to start playing any type of slot games online in a real money playing environment, you are never going to go far wrong by choosing to play at those top rated, fair and licensed casinos I will be presenting to you throughout this website!

How Progressive Jackpots Are Paid Out

At some point when playing slot games in any online casino site, you are bound to fancy getting stuck into playing the range of progressive slot games available at all casino sites.

However, what you may not be aware of is that all casino sites can have a range of different ways in place in regards to how progressive jackpot winners actually get paid out their jackpots.

Some casinos will have rules in place that limit how much players can withdraw each day, week or month, and as such if you do ever beat the odds and win a progressive jackpot you could end up waiting years and years to receive all of those winnings, if you play at a casino site with low payout limits in place!

The casinos listed throughout this website however all have rules in place that state that no matter how much a player wins when winning a progressive jackpot, they will be paid out those winnings via one single lump sum payout which is paid directly into their chosen bank account, so you will never be waiting for your winnings for very long when playing at such a casino site online!

The Best Online Casino Software Platforms

To enable you to never have the urge or need to keep on swapping and then changing the casinos you are playing at online, you initially need to make a wise and smart decision on just which casinos you play at, for many of them offer games and software platforms supplied by different companies.

Over the last twenty plus years, one company has become synonymous with high standards, superb gaming platforms and a range of slot games that no other company has been able to replicate or supply.

That company is Microgaming, and when you make the wise decision of playing at a casino site offering you the Microgaming supplied gaming platforms, of which there are three, you are going to have access to hundreds of different games of every possible type and category too.

Therefore, as someone who is an avid slot player and wants to have access to any type of slot games they could ever want to play, I just know that by choosing to play at a casino site offering Microgaming's gaming platforms and their range of game you will have an absolute ball!

Access to Payout Percentage Information

There is a lot to be said for you carefully studying both the pay tables and also any attached help files found on any slot game you do come across and may be about to play online, for by doing so you will then find out just how each game has been designed and how they play and pay too.

However, one thing that is certainly going to help you decide just which slot games to play is the payout percentage information, for you are always going to want to play the slot games that do boast and come with the very highest of payout percentages.

The one main reason I have chosen to list the online casino sites that I have done throughout this website is that each of them have published payout percentages in regards to their slot games and as such you are very easily going to discover and find out what each of their slot games payout percentages are.

With that in mind always make something of a concerted effort to find out that all important slot game payout percentage information and then only get stuck into playing the very highest paying slot games!

Unique Bonus Game Awarding Video Slots

Make sure that when you are looking for a tad more excitement when playing online slot games you keep your eyes peeled for some of the video slot games that offer more than one bonus game and/or bonus feature.

Those types of slot games that do offer several different bonus games and bonus features have often been designed in such a way that you are going to trigger and then be awarded with those bonus games and bonus features much more regularly that other slot games award theirs.

The best part of any video slot game is of course its bonus game for there is always going to be the chance of you winning big when you do trigger a bonus game or bonus feature and are then playing it off.

But do also keep in mind that some video slots come with a low variance, a medium variance or even a high variance playing structure, so you will need to know just how each individual video slot game has been designed to ensure that you get the type of playing experience you are looking for, so do always spend some time selecting and then picking out the slots you do play online!

Different Styled and Structured Progressive Slots

The odds of you winning a progressive jackpot are of course huge and therefore your chances of actually winning one are of course tiny, but make no mistake about it you are going to be very hard pressed to find a much bigger and better range of progressive slot games at our featured casino sites.


There will be slot games that have progressive jackpots that have been designed and structured as three reel slots and you will also come across come slot games that are designed and video slots that may or may not offer bonus games and bonus features that also have progressive jackpots on offer.

Some of the progressive slot game you can get stuck into playing at those casino sites award their jackpots at random too and some of them often have more than one progressive jackpot attached and on offer on them also!

If you do win a progressive jackpot at any of our Microgaming software powered online or even mobile casino sites that jackpot is always available to be cash out as one single winning payment and will then be sent out to you in a lump sum and rather quickly too so keep that in mind!

Low Tech 3 Reel and Classic Slots

There are so many different categories of slot games that you are always going to find on offer to you and that you can always get stuck into playing at any casino sites these days, you may not be too sure of just which ones are going to suit you and you bankroll and playing style the best.

However, if you are seeking out some of the very basic types of slot games to play that are never going to confuse you with their bonus games bonus feature or playing structures and formats then consider playing the three reel and classic slot games.

Those types of slot games use of course three reels as opposed to five of them that video slot games tend to have on offer, but when playing the vast majority of three reel and classic slot games you will never find any type of bonus games or bonus features on offer on them.

As such if there is just one thing that three reel and classic slot games are going to be offering you it is a rapid fire type of gaming session and one that many players do actually enjoy too!

Plenty of Brand New Slot Games

They do say a change is as good as a rest, and when it comes to playing online or even mobile slot game you really do need to ensure that any casino sites that you choose to play at first and foremost have an enormous suite of different slot games on offer to you.

That is something you are guaranteed of finding when you sign up and then play at any of our top rated online casino sites for all of them have hundreds upon hundreds of different types and categories of slot games you are always going to be more than welcome to get stuck into playing.

However, each month our handpicked range of different casino sites also launch plenty of brand spanking new slot games on which you are going to find all manner of different themes, bonus games and bonus features,  reel symbols and even playing structures too.

So make sure you do always have a look to see if any new slot games are on offer and available to you at those casino sites for those slot games really are going to be fun and exciting one’s for you to get stuck into playing!

Informative and Helpful Slot Game Help Files

Attached to all of the slot games at any of our featured and top rated and fully licensed online casino sites you will find showcased throughout this website are going to be a set of help files, that you are always going to be able to make use of.

Those help files will give you a deep insight into the way that every single individual slot game has been designed, so if you do ever come across a slot that you have never seen or played before make sure you spend a little bit of time looking at those slot game help files.

By doing so you will find out how to send the slot into live play and whether there are any keyboard short cuts, and you will also find out how you can trigger and bonus games and bonus features attached and on offer on any single slot game too.

As you will come across quite a lot of new slot game you will never have come across or even played before those help files really will come in handy so make sure you make full use of them!

Auto Pay Option Settings

There are going to be a very wide and very varied range of different option settings that you are always going to be able to make use of if and when you do set about playing any of the slot games at any online casino site you see presented to you on this website.

As such you are always going to be able to put into play via those option settings a much more tailored type of gaming experience and one that you are always going to be fully in control of.

One of those option settings is an auto play setting, and when you click onto the auto play setting button you will then discover you have a very wide range of different options available to you so that you can send any slot games into live play using your preferred option settings.

You can pick out the stakes you want each spin to play off for and can of course also pick just how many spins you want to play off using the auto play setting and there will be plenty of additional and built in settings that you can make use of to stop the auto play at any time, such as when you trigger a bonus game or in a jackpot.

Jackpot Thermometer Features

I do know that a huge number of slot player always like to know in advance of them starting to play at any casino site, just which slot machines are currently paying out and also want to know just which slot machines are not playing out.

By knowing that information they can then make a decision on just which slot games they can then set about playing, and if you make use of the Jackpot Thermometer feature at Microgaming software powered online casinos you will then find out if any slot games have been paying out.

You simply need to pick out any of the huge number of slot games from the slot games menu and then look at whether the Jackpot Thermometer displayed alongside each slot is giving off a hot or cold reading.

If the reading on any one single slot game is a hot one, then that slot has paid out its jackpots very recently, however if a slot game you see in the games menu has a cold reading then that slot game hasn’t been paying out its jackpots as regularly as some other slot games have been doing!

Play Check Self Audit Facility

I like to discover just how well I have been doing when playing any one or more slot games for any length of time and that may be something that you are also interested in doing so.

As such Microgaming offer a special self audit feature that all real money players playing at any of the online or mobile casino sites that utilize their gaming platforms are fully able to make use of.

That player self audit feature is known as Play Check and by making use of it you are going to be able to look up any one or more real money slot playing sessions you have at any such online casino site and get a blow by blow account of the result and outcome of each slot game spin you played off.

As such if you ever want to see and relive any huge winning payouts via a slot games base game or bonus games or simply want to work out the payout percentages you have been achieving on any single real money slot playing session at any Microgaming powered online casino site then simply log into your account and click onto the Play Check button.

Set You Own Slot Playing Gambling Limits

It is important that when you do play slot games online in a real money playing environment as opposed to playing for free using demo mode credits, that you always set yourself some limits in regards to how much you are prepared to spend during any one single slot playing session online.

Therefore one very handy additional feature that you are going to be able to make use of if you do sign up to any of those casino sites I have chosen to present to you throughout this website are a range of player adjustable option settings.

By making use of them you can set the software to stop you making further deposits once you have reached your preset limit and you can also set things such as you single session loss limit and how long you could like to gamble for too, so try and make use of them to allow you to always stay in full control.