The trusted Casino Rewards is an online casino group which likes to do things a little bit different from the norm. Normally when you play at an online casino, even if it is part of a larger group, you are very much segregated.

Things that you do on one site will not impact what happens on another website. Casino Rewards aims to shake that up a little bit.

Casino Rewards is a network of Microgaming casinos. While your funds are not going to be shared between the sites (we are not sure how that would work anyway), you can earn rewards which can transfer between the various websites.

Think of this as one of the best loyalty schemes you have ever feasted your eyes upon. Let us tell you a little bit about how it works.

VIP Casino Player Levels

Casino Rewards bases its system on levels. The higher your level, the more rewards you earn.

It does not matter what online casino you gamble at in their network, you will always be contributing towards increasing your level. So, if you find that one of the sites in their network does not tickle your fancy, then you can just hop on over to another site and have a flutter there without any issues.

The more you gamble on the sites, the points you earn, forcing your level up. The levels are constantly checked so you may go up or down on occasion. Although, if you reach a new Status Level then you are guaranteed to stay there for at least a month.

While Casino Rewards does not go into too much depth on how they plan their level system, you dont really need that much information. All you need to know is that the more you gamble on their sites, the higher your level will be. Simple as that.

Casino Rewards VIP Points

This is the real highlight of the Casino Rewards program. The more you wager on the site, the more VIP Points you can earn. These VIP Points can be exchanged for free plays on a plethora of games. Want to know the best bit? It does not matter which online casino in their network you earn the points on. They will transfer over to any other site in the Casino Rewards network, which means that it should be easy to find an awesome game to get stuck into.

VIP Lucky Jackpot

Back to the levels system for this one. Each day several draws are held.. The number of draws that you are entered into will be dependent on your level. So, if you are a Level 1 (bronze) player, you will be entered into a single draw. If you are a Level 5 player (Diamond) then you will be entered into all 5 draws.

This gives you a bit of an incentive to keep gambling. After all, the chances of winning the prize at the upper end of the level spectrum are a bit higher as fewer players will be at that point.

There are five draws held three times per day. So, if you are a Diamond player, then you have the potential to be entered into 15 draws each day. This is a massive amount and you have a real chance of winning some decent prizes here.

It is worth noting that the draws are a bit of an encouragement to get people to sign into their website. If you are a winner (you will be notified if that is the case), then you will have 8 hours to collect your prize money or you will forfeit it. However, lets be honest here, Casino Rewards casinos are sites that you will want to come back to time and time again.

Time of Your Life Sweepstake

This is the final benefit to traversing through the various levels. On occasion, Casino Rewards offers a sweepstake where there are some pretty amazing prizes on offer. This includes holidays, cars, sport tickets, and various pieces of technology. The higher you are up in the level system, the more tickets you get in the draw.

Game Selection

We have seen a plethora of different reward systems like this in the past. We are going to be honest with you here; most of them are not all that good. In fact, some of them are terrible. This is because they have massive limitations on the types of games that you can play in order to earn your rewards. You do not get those limitations through Casino Rewards.

Now, it is likely that most of the people who sign up to one of the Casino Rewards system will be playing slot machines. This is fine. Slot machines, particularly Microgaming ones, are a ton of fun to play. However, there is so much more that you can sink your teeth into in order to earn those sweet benefits. This includes:



-Video poker


-Scratch Cards

A whole host of instant win games.

Basically, if you sign up to Casino Rewards, you are never going to be short of things to play. Remember; these games have been designed by Microgaming too. This means that you know that they are going to be a great experience. Most of them can be played on mobile devices too, which means that you can earn casino rewards on your commute to work! How cool is that?

Check out the Member Casino

There are a LOT of different online casinos operating under the Casino Rewards banner, so we suggest that you check out as many of them as you possibly can. Each of them brings something different to the table. Not only in terms of bonuses, but the game selection (although, this should not be that much of an issue as Casino Rewards makes it easy to jump between the casinos)

Remember; the second you sign up to one of the casinos under their brand, you will be signed up to Casino Rewards and you can start to earn points!