This Blackjack Ballroom Casino review is going to give you a deep insight into why I regularly play there and I will enlighten you on why many thousands of other players do make a beeline to play there every single day of the week to!  So if you are a player looking for a casino site to play at, there really is a lot to like about that casino.

I have played at hundreds of different casino sites over the years, some online, some mobile and I have even played in land based bricks and mortar casinos.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino

If you have done the same then you will no doubt already be aware that not every single casino site you come across are exactly the same, and you may prefer playing at one over all others.


One thing I always make a point of doing when looking for casinos to showcase to my website visitors, is to double check the casinos I am thinking of reviewing are fully licensed and regulated, and that is something I am pleased to let you know about Blackjack Ballroom Casino, so above all else they do operate their casino to a high set of standards at all times.

This review is dedicated to the Blackjack Ballroom Casino site which is one of the longest established online casino site, having been around for a huge number of years now we are pleased to let you know their experience really does shine through their entire operation, and we have no problems showcasing them to you are one of our higher rated approved casino sites.

We would always advise anyone who is thinking of playing online casino games to spend as much time as they require looking through each of our very informative and very in-depth casino reviews, for by doing so you will then discover why we have chosen to list all of the casino sites we have showcased throughout this or the Luxury Casino website.

It is actually worth us pointing out that every single casino we have reviewed has been fully put to the test by us as that has enabled us to give a factual review of those casino sites, and you will then be able to see just what each casino is offering you if you do fancy playing there.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino

With that in mind please do take a look below, for you will find some of the many different aspects of Blackjack Ballroom Casino that makes them a first class casino site for all players, and we are more than confident they will always surpass your expectations when you play there.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Review

To be perfectly honest there are much more than ten individual reasons why we think you will be making a very wise decision if you sign up and play at our rated Blackjack Ballroom Casino!

However, below you will find the main and standout reasons why whenever you do play there you are always going to be assured of having one of the very best gaming experiences possible.

So please do take a good look through each of these individual reasons to play there, and if you like what you read then make your way over to their website for you are then going to be able to make use of everything that they do have to offer you!

One Hour Free Play – The welcome sign up bonus offer at Blackjack Ballroom Casino has been designed in such a way you can play at no risk but have the chance of winning a huge amount of cash, and it is a one hour free play bonus you can claim when you do indeed register as a new player.

You get a huge amount of no deposit required bonus credits and you then have a full hour to try and increase the value of your no deposit required starting balance! Take a look at their website for a full overview of how that welcome bonus has been designed!

Generous Player Comps – Casino comp points are credited to your Casino Rewards player’s club account whenever you have placed any real money wagers on any of the games available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

What you are going to find once you start to accumulate those comp points which you will do very quickly, is that the redemption rates for turning them into playing credits is every generous and low!

So as a player you are always going to get lots of additional playing credits by concentrating all of your real money playing efforts on any of the casino games available at this casino site!

Ongoing Bonuses – As you have just found out above there is a not to be missed and hugely valuable and generous sign up welcome bonus offer available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino that every single brand new first time real money player can of course make use of!

However, once you have made use of that sign up bonus you are then going to find their promotions team email you regularly with a range of exclusive and often tailor made ongoing bonus and promotional offers too, so make sure you look out for those emails and claim those valuable bonuses too!

Fast Timely Payouts – You must take our advice in regards to only every signing up to a casino site that has a system in place whereby they are going to be able to pay you out all of your winnings rapidly and just as importantly by a method of you own choosing that is convenient to you.

That is something that you will find on offer at this casino site for their banking interface is designed to allow you to make deposits and withdrawals in one of many different ways and they are always going to pay you out your winnings quickly and on time too.

Plus, as this casino site is a multi-currency one, make sure that when you do first sign up and register as a new player you select the currency for your account as the one you use at home.

That way you are always going to be able to fund your casino account and also make withdrawals in your home currency and will then never have to pay any currency exchange rate fees and charges that could massively reduce the value of your deposits and your withdrawals too!

Around the Clock Support – There is a fully manned support centre you can make contact with at any time of the day or night and on any given day of the week at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

Therefore if you ever have any questions in regards to anything they have on offer then simply fire up the instant chat facility and you will then be instantly connect up to one of their support team members.

Keep in mind that this casino also offers a range of different language options that you can set your casino account to and also you will find every single language option is available via their support service too so you will be able to communicate with their support team in your own home language at any time of the day or night!

Three Different Platforms – You may be wondering just how you can access and play the games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino and if so allow us to give you an idea of the three different gaming platforms they have on offer.

There is a brand new casino app that you can make use of at this casino site and as such if you want to play any type of casino game from anywhere then simply download that app to allow you to do just that.

There are also two online gaming platforms that you can also choose to make use of at this casino site and the first is an instant play one that you can access via any type of web browser!

But consider utilizing their fully downloadable gaming platform for by doing so you are going to have access to the biggest range of casino games and lots of additional player adjustable options settings too!

Lots of New Games – You may prefer playing the same games you know and love when you sign up to and play at any online casino site, and with well over 850 different casino games available there is no doubt in our minds you will have plenty of choice in regards to just which casino games you do get stuck into playing at this casino site!

But do keep in mind that every single month of the year you are also going to be able to play a brand new range of between two and four new games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, so of you do ever fancy playing something new then be on the lookout for those brand new games!

Self Audit Facility – There are two quite different ways that you are going to be able to self audit your gaming play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

If you want to know where you stand in regards to any and all deposits and withdrawals you have made then simply log into your account is the real money playing environment and then click onto the Cash Check button.

Once you have done that you can select any given time period to see how much you have deposited and how many withdrawal you have made and the progress on those withdrawals too.

However, if you want to audit your actual real money gaming sessions then all that you will be required to do is to log into your real money account and click onto the Play Check button and choose any time period to then see the outcome of every single game and wager you played and placed on absolutely any of their real money casino games!

Set Your Gaming Limits – One very handy additional feature that you may be interested in making use of at this casino site is their gaming limit option settings. When you log into their gaming platform in the real money playing environment you can then make use of those option settings.

When you do so you will then be able to decide just how long you wish to play their range of games for in the real money playing environment, and you will also be able to set your own loss limits and also set just how much you want to deposit over any given time period too.

By making use of the player adjustable gaming limit options you are then always going to be able to play within your gambling budget and will never be tempted to carry on making deposits and playing once you have reached those limits!

Low and High Stakes – It is going to be up to you whether you choose to play at this casino site in the free and no risk playing environment or whether you witch over to play any or even all of their huge range of casino games for real money.

When you do choose to play for real money however you are going to find all of the coin value setting and the chip value settings are fully adjustable.

That does of course mean you can choose to play any of their games for whatever state levels you like to play for!

Plus, keep in mind that with some huge valued mega sized progressive jackpot games also on offer to all of their players you could win a life changing amount of cash even when playing for some very tiny stake amounts too!

Blackjack Ballroom Featured Blackjack games

The players and the dealer get two cards each. The object of Blackjack is to reach 21 without going over (bust). The Ace can be used as either 1 or 11. King, Queen and Jack equal 10.

All other cards are worth their face value (2 to 10).

The player may take as many cards as he wishes, until reaching 21. If the player takes a card that puts him over 21 (a “bust”), he loses the hand and chips.

A winning hand adds up to more than the dealer’s hand, without going bust.  In a traditional blackjack game, a player wins a hand when either the dealer busts or when the player has a higher hand value than the dealer. In Get21’s Blackjack tournaments, the ultimate winner is the player with the most chips at the end of the final level.

In single-table tournaments, the winner wins the entire “jackpot,” which is the total amount of buy-ins paid by players registered to the tournament. For example, if the buy-in fee is $20 for a single-table Sit & Go Tournament with 5 players, the winning jackpot is $100.

In multi-table tournaments, there is a payout structure that awards a percentage of the prize pool to each player who finishes in an indicated position. Therefore, the total pot is divided among more than one winner.

As long as you aware aware that there are hundreds of casino games and not just Blackjack games available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino you will always find a game that suits you down to the ground!

However, if is the wide selection of Blackjack game variants that may appeal to you the most at that casino site and with that in mind we shall now give you an overview of the range and variety of those games that are going to be available to you!

It is of course the lowest house edge games you should be looking to play and as such you will find the house edges of each variant listed alongside the Blackjack games below, but you will of course need to play each game perfectly to get that house edge, so always learn to play the variant you intend playing perfectly before playing any of them for real money!

Single Hand Classic Blackjack – By far and away the very best Blackjack game you should be playing at this casino site is their single hand Classic Blackjack game, for that game has been designed as a single deck game and a such there are only 52 cards in the shoe of the game and when playing perfect strategy the house edge you will be up against is just 0.13%!

Vegas Strip Blackjack – There are a number of regional variants of Blackjack available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, and one you are sure to very quickly warm to when you set about playing it is the very easy to play game of Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Thanks to the quite liberal game play rules you can get the house edge down to just 0.35% when playing this game, and you are of course going to be able to play it of a range of different staking options too!

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack – It is very true to say that any Blackjack game variant that has just a single deck of 52 playing cards in its deck is going to be very sought after by players and with that in mind make sure you give the aptly names Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game some play time!

You can quickly learn to master playing this game and as you will be playing it on your own and not in a multi-player type of playing environment you can of course play it at your own pace. The house edge you can achieve when playing this game with optimal play is a very low and very appealing 0.35%!

Atlantic City Blackjack – If you are seeking out Blackjack game variants to play that offer you a Late Surrender option then make sure the game you play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino is the Atlantic City Blackjack game.

There are eight decks of playing cards in the shoe of this deck and the player rules are payouts are fairly standard, and once you have mastered how to play every single hand dealt out to you perfectly the house edge this game offers is a very low 0.36%!

Spanish Blackjack – The one main attraction for players who set about playing the Spanish Blackjack game at this casino site is that you can get awarded a range of bonus winning payouts when certain hand combinations have been dealt out to you.

But there is going to be no requirement what so ever for you to place any type of side bet or bonus bet to get paid out those bonus winning payouts. With a house edge of just 0.38% on offer to players playing Spanish Blackjack perfectly it may be a game you fancy playing sooner rather than later!

Pontoon– There is also a Pontoon game available at this casino site and as such if you are an avid fan of playing Pontoon then make sure you give their variant some play time.

You will be able to play it for free to help you master playing that game in a no risk playing environment and the all important house edge this game has been designed around is quite low working out at some 0.39%!

Vegas Downtown and Bonus Blackjack – The only different between the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game and the Bonus Blackjack game available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino is on the latter named game a bonus side bet option is available on which a range of bonus payouts can then be awarded to you.

However, the side bet does come with something of a high house edge and as such when you stick to playing just the base game on those two variants you will be up against a house edge of just 0.39%!

European Blackjack Variants – You will find the European Blackjack game on offer at this casinos site a lot of fun to play but there are also some additional variants of that game including Hi Lo 13 Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack and also the game of Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

No side bet options are available on the standard European Blackjack game variant but they are available one each of the other variants mention. The base game of the European Blackjack game and also the additional variants are low at 0.42%!

Big 5 Blackjack – There is a very unusual and unique Blackjack game on offer at this casino site and that game is known as the Big Five Blackjack game on which there are five decks of playing cards in play in the shoe of the game.

If you are looking for an unusual yet fun to pay blackjack game to play online then you need to know that the Big 5 Blackjack game offers a slightly higher house edge than the games mentioned above and that house edge is 0.47%!

You are also going to find multi-hand blackjack games on offer at this casino site and also a Double Exposure Blackjack game too. Plus, if you want the chance of winning a huge jackpot when playing Blackjack then consider getting stuck into playing the Triple 7’s Blackjack game variant on which a live progressive jackpot is on offer and can be won!</p

Blackjack Ballroom UK Licensed and Regulated

It does not matter where you live in the world you should only every sign up to and play at online casino sites that are going to give you a large range of casino games to play but games that have been guaranteed and certified as being fair and random casino games.

As the Blackjack Ballroom Casino site is fully licensed and regulated that does of course mean you can always get stuck into playing absolutely any of their real money casino games whenever you want to play them safe in the knowledge every single one of those online gambling games is giving you a fair and random type of game play and playing structure and format!

This UK online casino offers 800 plus high-quality usual online games and lots of  Progressives slots on brilliant microgaming casino software with the reputation for exceptional quality and unique in its way to cater new players From the UK and Canada.

This old and trusted online casino UK is destined to make its mark as best gambling site with good graphics, an excellent viewpoint of customer service, competitive and instant bonuses , as well as a secure software package that is second to no one.

Blackjack Ballroom has instant Microgaming Download Casino

If you want to play casino games via either an instant play gaming platform or via a fully downloadable gaming platform then both types of those gaming platforms are of course offered by the tip rated online casinos site that is Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a Microgaming software powered casino site at which you are going to find a huge range of different casino games! However, it is of course Blackjack players in particular who are going to be very well looked after if they play there!

This review of that casino site is quite a long one, and the reason for that is that we want you to be 100% confident that each of the casinos we have showcased on this website are going to be giving you everything you need as a player.

As such we are going to be looking at every single aspect of that casino site and letting you know everything you need to know to be able to make a very informed decision as to whether it is going to be a casino site worthy of your real money play time.

We should point out however that at no time are you forced to have to play any of the huge array of different casino games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino for real money, a you are going to have the option of signing into your account an accessing the games via the free play demo mode versions of them all.

So once you have red through this review if you are interested in putting any of their casino games to the test but in a no risk type of ay then sign up and log into your newly opened account as a guest player, you will be amazed at just how stunning their range of games really are when you do so!

However, you are also going to find that you can now play any of their most popular real money or free play casino games via a mobile gaming platform too.

For reference they are also now launching all of their brand new online casino game onto their mobile gaming platforms at the same time so if you do use their mobile gaming platform you will not be making any compromises in regards to the number of new casino games form Microgaming that you will be able to play!

Huge Online Jackpot Winners at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

You are going to be blown away and will be very impressed be the sheer number of different casino games that are on offer to you at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

Thanks to them using the Microgaming designed and supplied range of games you will have the option of playing any type of casino game you like playing the most with hundreds of games available why not test some of them out right now?

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Deposit Methods

One thing that you will need to have available to you no matter at which online casino site you choose to get stuck into playing at as a real money player is a large range of different banking options.

That is something that we are very pleased to let you know is available to you at this casinos sites and you will find that in addition to their being lots of different depositing options there are also going to be lots of withdrawal options also available to you too.

Player Friendly Banking Options – It never ceases to amaze us how some online casino sites will force their players to have to jump through lots of different hoops to be able to fund their reel money casino account and make a withdrawal from those accounts too.

There is never going to be any of that nonsense if you do make the smart and very wise decision of playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, for they have a very player friendly banking interface on which you can deposits using slot of different thanking options.

You will also be pleased to learn that you can make some very small and nominal deposit into your casino account if you only wish to play for small stake amounts, but there is also going to be the option for you to make some very high valued deposits if you like to high roll!

The winning payouts you achieve playing any of the games available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino are always added to your account instantly, and you are going to be able to cash out your winning at any time too and they are of course always going to pay you out your winning quickly and by one of the banking options that you have chosen it make use of too!


This is one of the top 10 Canadian Online Casinos for high roller that are seeking Bonuses and promotional offers, something that all online casinos site are going to be making available to their real money players, however tracking down the bonus and promotional deals that give you the best playing value is something you really ought to be doing.

play free blackjack online

With that in mind we think you should spend a little time looking over the Blackjack Ballroom Casino website as they always shave lots of generous bonuses that you are going to be able to claim when you are one of their real money casino game players, so do take a look, check them out and claim them when you can do so!

Generous Casino Comp Club – The way in which you are likely to be getting the maximum playing value if and when you do decide to play at the top rated Blackjack Ballroom Casino site is by making use of their generous comp club scheme, the full details of which you will find on their website so please do take a look as they are very big on their rewards which they shower on all of their players all of the time via that comp club scheme!

New Games Every Month – The number and types and also categories of casino games keeps on getting larger and larger at Blackjack Ballroom Casino and the reason for that is that each month of the year more and more new casino games are launched from Microgaming and those games then the very second they are launched are added to the Blackjack Ballroom Casino gaming platforms!

Friendly Customer Support Team – We think you are going to have a first class and always an enjoyable gaming experience no matter when or where you decide to log into the Blackjack Ballroom Casino, however if at any time you do have any questions then you can always make use of their 24 hours a day customer support team who are a friendly bunch and will always get any answers to your question to you in the fastest possible way!

Promising a gambling experience unmatched affiliates by any slot casino you have gambled at before! At this site, you can have the most satisfying moments on the web!

A great casino which has big regions chances & good client support supplication . With a good casino bonus, quick cashouts and really nice gaming computer software – it is one of the best sites for gambling online. Altogether, concerning blackjack, this site was chosen as the best gambling web-site on line.

he gaming site is among of the greatest in excellence, user support and atmosphere! Providing on line casino style betting in the most elegant methods! Gamblers may take advantage of extensive assistance option that clarifies every competition and also the rule variations of each.

All the usual table tournaments & their variations are offered at this gambling den. Huge bonuses & other features as all daylong customer support. Overall, in regards to blackjack, you will discover it to be single spot to any of your Internet-based gambling requirements.

The on-line casino`s big sign-up incentive may help you get in on the play. While gambling at this gaming room you will feel the excitement of real time play and real prize money which can`t be beat! The gambling site offers regulations that are easy and they provide contests like Poker and that are easier. It offers many promos for their users.

It provides multiple deposit preferences & fast cash-outs. To conclude, reviewing blackjack, people consider this gambling den to have enjoyable Internet-based gaming action for an ultimate adventure.

Blackjack Ballroom offers 3 Different Gaming Platforms

You are going to find that as soon as you sign up to Blackjack Ballroom Casino your username and password is then going to give you access to three different types of gaming platforms, and as such you are always going to be in control of just how you can access their very impressive range of games.

Those games are all designed and supplied by Microgaming, and as such it doesn’t matter what your favourite types of Zodiac Casino games are you are going to find more than enough of them are available to you.

They have a fully downloadable casino app and that is an ideal way of accessing their range of games directly on your mobile device if you want to have the convenience of being able to play anywhere and at any time, so do consider making use of it.

However, I do know and fully understand that many players do enjoy playing at home on their home computers or laptops and as such you are going to be able to download their gaming platform directly onto your computer and by using the downloadable gaming platform you will have access to by far and away the biggest range of casino games.

There is also an instant play gaming platform too, and as such if you would prefer not to have to spend any time downloading software onto your computer or laptop then the instant play gaming platform will be an ideal gaming platform for you to access and make use of!

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Sign up

All players who sign up to Blackjack Ballroom Casino can do so in a matter of minutes for the sign up registration form is very streamlined, and once you register as a new player you do of course have access to their range of games to play for free or in a real money playing environment too.

However, it is at the point in time that you are filling in their registration form that you can select the language you would like to have all of the games displayed in and as such it would be advisable for you to obviously select the language you are most familiar with!

By doing so you will then also be able to make use of their multi language customer care team who work around the clock and can always be relied on to answer any questions you have, and they do speak many different languages too.

Another thing that you are going to have the option of doing when you register as a new player at Blackjack Ballroom Casino is to pick the currency you also would like to have in place and in use on your account, so make sure that you select the one that you use at home as that way you will never be charged any currency exchange rate fees and charges!

High Roller Casino Games at Blackjack Ballroom

What I do like most of all about Blackjack Ballroom Casino is that no matter which of their many hundreds of different casino games I do choose to play, I have the complete peace of mind in knowing those games are fair and have completely random outcomes too.

You should always stick to playing only at casino sites that have gone to great lengths to prove their games are always fair and random and that is something that Microgaming who supply the games to this casino site has done.

Sadly some other casino game designers never like giving players access to things such as the payout percentages the games have all been set to payout and they like players to know what the house edges are on all of their games either!

There is going to be none of that nonsense if and when you do make what I just know to be a very wise and sound decision of signing up to this casino site, for every single game they have available comes with generous payout percentages and low house edges,

In fact all of the RTP’s and the house edges have been published online in regards to ever single Microgaming designed game ever launched so it is never going to prove difficulty at all being able to look up and then discover just which games do offer players the very best and highest pay backs.

As such, if you are the type of player who only ever makes a beeline to play the very highest paying casino games then there is no doubt in my mind you are going to find plenty of such game son offer to you when you do start to play at the fully licensed and highly recommended Blackjack Ballroom Casino!

The Best Customer Support Service

Being in control of when you play and just what games you play too is always going to be what you will be able to do as a player at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, for there are no shortages of great playing and very high paying games that you are going to just love and enjoy playing time and time again!

However, as there are so many different games available, and plenty of unique promotional offers and loads of different ways that you can fund your casino account at this casino site, you occasionally may not be fully aware of how to play a game, make a deposit or how to set the games to play.

If so then all that you are going to have to do to get any questions fully answered is to make contact with the customer support team who are always available 24 hours a day at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

You have the option of sending an email into their support team, phoning them up on toll and fee free phone number so if you prefer you can simply click onto any of the instant chat buttons on their website or within their softer and you can the instantly chat to one of their support team members!

Comps Awarded As You Play

Locking in value whenever you are playing real money casino games online is something that is not going to be very hard to achieve as a player at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, for they do of course have their own unique and exclusive player loyalty scheme that is always going to see your earning plenty of additional extras simply for playing their real money casino games.

That comp club has been designed in such a way that by playing any casino game for real money each single wager you place win or lose will see you being credited with comp points.

Those comp points are going to become available to you in your casino comp club account and player always have the ability of exchanging their accumulated comp points at any time of the night or day and turning them into playing credits.

So the more you play and the more time you recycle your bankroll the more additional playing credits you will be able to earn, so please do make sure you give Blackjack Ballroom Casino some play time soon as the more you play the more extras you will be earning for yourself via their comp club scheme!

More New Games very Month of the Year

I think you are going to never look back as soon as you sign up and play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, in fact as their gaming suite is so very large and very varied too no matter what type of casino game you get the urge to play or when you want to play them you will always find more than enough of them.

But if you are looking for a range of brand new casino games that you have never seen and never played before then you are in luck for every month of the year Blackjack Ballroom Casinos get a handful of brand new games.

Those games do go live on their online and mobile gaming platforms all at the same time, so no matter how you choose to access and play their games you are always going to find plenty of new ones to get stuck into playing each month.

You can of course play any game you like at this casino site and with you also having the option of playing for free and at no risk then you should consider having a few no risk gaming sessions to allow you to get to grips fully with playing any brand new game you may never hand seen, come across or even played before!

More Reasons to Play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

In this final section of my review of Blackjack Ballroom Casino I am going to present to you a few final reasons why I just know you are going to have an absolute ball and enjoy yourself playing there so please read on and then make up your own mind whether to give them a try or not!

Lots of Promotional Offers – There are never going to be any shortages of value packed bonuses and promotional offers that you can make use of and claim at this casino site, you are of course going to be able to claim a huge valued and very easy to claim welcome bonus offer and then lots of additional bonuses will become available to you if you remain a loyal player of Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

Low and High Stakes – Always make sure you configure the games available at this top rated and fully licensed and regulated casino site to ones that you can afford to play them for and that is easy to do as all games do offer different staking options to players.

Timely Withdrawals – It can be agony waiting for some online casino sites to pay you out your winnings but there is never going to be any long and drawn out delays when you play and win at Blackjack Ballroom Casino for they are one of the very fastest paying casino sites that always pay out their inning players on time and in full too!

Load of Deposit Options – You will of course never want to be hit with all manner of additional fees and charges simply for making a deposit into any casino accounts you have and one thing you are always guaranteed to find at this top rated online casino site are plenty of different fee free payment options to allow you to instantly top up your online or mobile casino account balance.

Plenty of Blackjack Games – There are of course every possible type and category of casino game available to you at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, but as their name suggest they do boast a huge and very impressive selection of Blackjack games of every possible type and variant!