Knowing in advance what to expect when you make the decision of playing at any online casino sites is often impossible, for it is only when you start to deposit and play at such sites  and claim any bonuses and cash out your winnings will you know if you made the right decision!

canadian online casinos

Some casinos offer a fully rounded gaming experience and one that you will want to return to time and time again, whilst sadly some other casino sites will leave you wanting more. Some people may reaise question :
is it legal to play at a Canadian online casino
? The answer is as long as your Country / States has no specific rules set on online gambling you are probably fine but you gamble with much confidence by choosing casinos approved by the Canada gaming commission such as
Zodiac Casino
and most sites that are covered by this guide.

Best Online Casinos and Bonus Promotions

1. Jackpot City Casino – Enjoy a bonus of CA$500 – If you are one of the people looking for impressive gameplay, variety of games, attractive bonuses without sacrificing the high quality customer services, Jackpot Casino is one of the top Belle Rock Casinos for you to try.

2. Spin Palace Casino – Get Ready to Win the Jackpot of CA$1 Million – If you are looking for a casino with attractive bonus and wide range of games, look no further. The Spin Palace Canada Casino is one of the most reputed and reliable Palace group casinos operating online.

3. All Slots Casino – Available bonus of over CA$5000 in a year – All Slots Online Casino is one of the most known brand of the
Fortune Lounge Casinos
for you to play with confindence. It has lots of positive points including the bonuses, software, wider range of available games and numbers of available banking options.

It is with that in mind that I have put together the following guide that is going to walk you through my own personal checklist of wants and demands.

By making a note of what I always demand from any casino site before I ever sign up to any of them you will be able to use this checklist to ensure that you online every play at the best online casinos yourself.

As there are hundreds if not thousands of different
Microgaming Casinos
you can sign up to and play at these days, you should never be prepared to settle for second best!

So please read on, digest the information I will pass onto you and then make the conscious decision of only playing at casinos that offer everything listed below, for by doing so you will have a completely hassle free gaming experience!

Online Casino Games Certified as Fair and Random

It is going to be the actual range of games players can access and play at any casino site that is going to either give them an enjoyable gaming experience or one they may not enjoy!

Therefore it is important that players do their homework before registering as a new player at just any casino sites, and they need to spend some time looking at who has supplied the games on offer at any casino site.

It is worth knowing that when you play at a fully downloadable casino site the games on offer at those casinos tend to all be from just one supplier.

However, by playing at an instant play or even mobile casino site players will often find a much larger and more diverse range of games from many different game suppliers and designers.

By sticking to casinos that do offer games from any of the major game suppliers then above all else they will be assured of accessing fair and random games, and games that are going to always give a random outcome respective of the stakes players are playing them for, which is important to know.

Playing casino games from companies you may never have heard of before could mean you end up playing games that have not in any way been certified as being fair and random!

Canadian Online Casino Bonuses with Reasonable Terms and Conditions

Bonuses are the one thing that there are never any shortages of as soon as any player does start to play at any online casino sites. However, bonuses are often one of the most complained about aspects of playing in such a casino game playing environment.

Therefore it is vitally important that you always take a step back if and when you do see any type of casino promotional offer being offered to you by any online casino site, and then take a good look at just how any bonus offer has been structured and designed.

The best online casinos are going to be offering players bonuses that are optional, meaning you are never going to have them forced upon you and added to your casino account balance automatically.

Plus, the terms and conditions attached and associated with any bonuses being offered to you should be very straight forward and very easy to understand too.

Some casino sites will often have web page after web page of bonus play terms and conditions, and often will have some bonus play rules that make it practically impossible to win when you claim their bonuses too.

As such, when you are on the hunt of the best online casino sites to play at, one thing that will make them a top rated and quality site to play at is if their bonus terms and conditions are short and sweet and very player friendly too, so make sure that is something you make a note of checking out!

Different Gaming Platforms For Online Casino Canada

Players will want to play casino games in a way that they find convenient, and will never want to be restricted to playing just a small selection of games if they choose one playing environment over any other.

Therefore I would advise you to consider playing at a casino site that offers both one or more online gaming platforms but also one that is going to give you access to a mobile gaming platform too, such as a casino app for example.

By choosing such a site players can, if they so desire, utilize an instant play gaming platform that will launch and load each of the games into their website browsers, or they can download a gaming platform onto their computers or laptops.

But when they are out and about if the casino site that they have chosen to sign up to has a mobile casino app, then players will be able to access that app using the same log in details they use on the online gaming platforms as that casino site.

The range of games players can access on each different gaming platform can however vary, but it will always be preferable to play at a site that has the largest range of casino games available on all of their gaming platforms.

So try and do pick out, sign up to and then play at a casino site that does indeed offer you multiple different gaming platform.

By doing so whenever you do get the urge to play any of your favourite casino games, no matter where you happen to be that is something you will be able to do, either for free or by playing in a real money playing environment!

The Best Canadian Casinos Have 100?s of Casino Games

Without a shadow of a doubt, one aspect of choosing the best online casino sites to play at that player do need to have on their checklist of wants and demands is those sites should have a massive array of different games available to players.

I would advise anybody who does fancy playing casino games online to stick to playing at those casino sites that have over 500 different casino games on offer to their players!

You may think it is going to be impossible to find many casino sites with that many games on offer to player, but you will find that there are in fact no shortages of such sites available, in fact nowadays that vast majority of casinos will have well over 500 different games on offer.

The more games you do have access to at any casino sites you sign up to the more fun and entertainment and additionally winning opportunities will be coming your way when you do play at such a site.

So do make sure that is one of the things you do always look out for when comparing any number of casino sites at which to play at!

Best Online Casinos Offer Hassle Free Payments

Unless you want to run the risk of never getting paid out your winnings or having to wait weeks or months to get paid out any winnings you achieve when gambling at an online casino site, you should only ever gamble at casinos that offer rapid payouts to their customers!

It should be noted however that all casinos will have their own payout time scales dependent on the payment method a player chooses to get paid out their winnings by and also dependent on just which country a player lives and resides in too.

So the very first thing all players should do when they are thinking of signing up to a casino site is check whether the casino offers them both deposit and payout methods that are suitable to those players, and also check just how long a casino site takes to payout their winning players.

The very best online casinos will often have at least one payment method that allows them to payout their winning players instantly, which can often be by a player selecting to be paid out to a web or e-wallet or even a digital currency wallet.

Always Contactable Player Support

Most casino sites these days have made a carful point of ensuring the casinos are very player friendly and as such you are rarely every going to be confused about the way any of them work and operate.

But if you do experience any type of form of problem or problems when playing at any online casino site you will want to have the peace of mind in knowing those problems are going to be looked into and rectified as soon as possible.

Some casinos have terrible customer support and as such if you ever do end up playing at such a casino site it could take you days to finally get through to the support teams who then could take days to sort out your problems for you.

Therefore one thing that you should have high up on your list of wants and demands from any casino sites you do end up playing at or are thinking of playing at is access to a customer care support team who are accessible 24 hours a day.

By doing so if you do every run into any problems you can simply get in touch with the casinos support team who will then sort out those problems for you on the spot and there and then!

Additional New Casino Games

I do tend to play the same games over and over again when logged into my favourite online casino sites, and that is possibly something that you tend to do too.

But if you are the type of player who does love nothing more than getting stuck into some of the very latest casino game releases then I would suggest that you do make a point of playing at casino sites that do regularly update their gaming platforms with a range of brand new casino games.

I am pleased to let you know that all of the casino sites that you will find showcased and fully reviewed throughout this website are casino sites that do get plenty of new casino games loaded on their respective gaming platforms each month, so they are casinos worth checking out and playing at.

New games can often be a little confusing to play if they do have any unusual features or payout and playing structures and formats, so do consider playing them via the demo mode versions of those games first to ensure you know how they do all play and pay and free play options will be available to you at the best online casinos!

Player Gambling Limit Options

The best online casinos are always going to take responsible gambling very seriously, and as such as a player when you log into your casino site account when using the real money log in option a range of different settings will then be available to you.

Those settings are going to allow you to select a deposit limit you wish to have in place on your casino account so when you reach that limit you are going to be unable to carry on depositing.

Other responsible gambling limit settings include ones that allow you to set the amount of time you wish to gamble over any given gambling session and also just how much you are prepared to lose on anyone gambling session too.

Therefore to ensure that you are always in full control, and never get carried away when playing at a real money online casino site, al