If you are interested in visiting Casino Montreal, then please read of for below you will find everything you need to know about this making place. If you do desire to pay it a visit, then allow us to wish you the very best of luck and lets hope you leave a winner!

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So whenever you have the opportunity to stay in a hotel in Montreal on holiday, vacation or on a business trip a city break and you fancy trying your luck on a range of different casino games then there is only one place you should visit and that is the impassive Casino Montreal.

Having visited that Luxury Casino many times it is a venue that we are more than happy to introduce all of our website visitors to for they are going to be offering you everything you need to have a very enjoyable time.

Opening Hours – In regards to when you can actually get into the casino and gamble, well as the casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then you can of course visit at any time of the night or day!

If you are looking to have access to as many different casino games a possible then you should consider paying a visit to the casino possibly in the early hours of the day as that is when the casino gaming floor is at its quietest.

However, if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a casino then you an of course visit during the day or the evening when there will be lots of other gamblers for you to socialize with if you so desire.

Admission – You do have to be over the age of 18 to legally enter the Casino Montreal and that policy is strictly enforced not only in the
but in the restaurant too. If you are lucky enough to look under the age of 25 then you will be challenged to produce some form of photo identification which must be a government issued form of identification.

Security – Please be aware that the entire Casino Montreal building, both inside and out is covered vie CCTV, and security personnel do patrol the inside and outside areas of the premises at all times.

Tax Free Winnings – If you are an American citizen who is visiting the Casino Montreal then one thing you will be interested to learn is that all winnings are paid tax free and in full, and as such no taxes of any type will be retained from your cash outs when playing any foot heir casino games!

Address and Contact Details РThe full petal address of Casino Montreal is 1, avenue du Casino, Montr̩al, Qu̩bec, Canada H3C 4W7. You can also contact the casino on either of the two following telephone numbers 514 392-2746 or 1 800 665-2274

Free WIFI – You will also be able to benefit from completely free of charge WIFI in the Casino Montreal and that free service also extends to the Hilton Hotel.

La Boutique Store – You will find clothing, food stuffs, perfumes, house hold goods and small electrical appliances as well as candy and lottery tickets and possibly everything you could ever need at the La Boutique Store situated inside the building.

Gift Chips – If you know someone who is visiting the Casino Montreal then a nice gift to them would be a gift chip, they are available in denominations of $5, $10, $25 and $100 and you can be purchasing them directly from the casino cashiers.

ATM – There is certainly no shortages of ATM machines at Casino Montreal for there are 13 of them situated around the building, so five you do ever run out of cash you will never be far away from a top up, however always gamble responsibly when visiting this casino!

Gaming Tables – One thing that there will be no shortages of at Casino Montreal is gaming tables and as such if you are looking to play a range of different casino card games which are available at different table stake limits and there will be plenty of them available.

If on the other hand you are looking to play table games then you will always find plenty of games such as roulette and craps on offer, and once again you will find the table stake limits are very affordable to both low rollers and high rollers alike!

Slot Machines – Now if you enjoy playing slot machines then one tip we do want to pass on to you for visiting the Ciano Montreal is to make sure that you have plenty of time available for your visit for by doing so you will find more than enough slot machines of every possible decryption located on their gaming floor.

They have plenty of classic slot machines if you are looking for something of a non-complicated gaming session, however if you are looking to play the very latest all singing and all dancing video slot machines then you really are going to be spoilt for choice as they have lots of those types of slot games on offer with new ones being wheeled out onto their gaming platforms all the time!

You will find that there is also plenty of accommodation nearby the Casino too so if you fancy staying a little bit away from the casino then please do spend a hole looking at some alternative hotels in the area for there are certainly plenty of them available.

In our opinion it is the staff and employs and the management team that makes any visit to Casino Montreal an enjoyable one, for you are going to be very well looked after no matter whether you are a low rolling gambler or a high rolling gambler.

However, your level of gaming action, win or lose will ultimately detriment just how many comps you are rewarded with, and all in all we are more than happy to showcase this venue to you as we are confident it is going to live up to your very highest of expectations.