Everything you need to know about bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casinos are rapidly gaining popularity as one of the leading ways for online casino players to play their favourite games. Bitcoin casinos certainly are not for everybody, though. The mere act of obtaining bitcoins can be a puzzling and challenging affair if you are not read up on it. However, for many players, bitcoin casinos represent the next step in the evolution of online casino gaming, and for that reason alone, they are certainly worth a closer look.

What are bitcoin casinos?

BitCoin Casinos

You may have heard the term bitcoin casinos bandied around a bit over the last year or two. You will no doubt be familiar with what bitcoins are, but do you know what bitcoin casinos are? Logically, bitcoin casinos would be any online casino which only accepts bitcoins as its currency option, and offers wagers using the crypto currency that is all the rage right now. This would make sense. However, thats not entirely accurate. Many bitcoin casinos are actually simple online casinos which accept other currencies alongside bitcoins, but because they do offer bitcoin gaming, they have styled themselves bitcoin casinos. The only thing you can say for certain about bitcoin casinos is that they all accept the bit coin as at least one accepted currency at their domain.

Getting hold of bitcoins

It is certainly not easy for bitcoin virgins to get hold of this crypto currency. Bitcoins can be mined (an extremely complex process which we won’t even dare to get into here), or they can be bought from a bitcoin exchange. Read up on how to go about those methods, but either way, you will need to get your hands on the crypto currency before you decide to play at a bitcoin casino. However if you reside in Canada the well known and accredited gambling site Zodiac Casino has the best payment and withdrawal options.

Advantages to using bitcoins at casinos

There are a few advantages to playing at bitcoin casinos. For starters, bitcoins are notoriously hard to trace. This gives the player a certain degree of anonymity. You will not be 100% untraceable, but your gambling habits will be far more hidden away than at a run-of-the-mill online casino.

Why would anybody wish to be untraceable? Well, not every country has made online gambling legal. If you are living in a country where online casino gaming is illegal, but you still fancy a punt, then hiding your activity is advised. This is where bitcoins anonymity comes into play. It is not fool proof, but with a VPN or proxy to boot, it will usually suffice. Bitcoin casinos also offer faster withdrawal times than conventional online casino payment methods, and that makes them appealing to players, too.

Disadvantages of bitcoin casinos

The certain degree of anonymity which bitcoin casinos can provide may very well be appealing, but the customer support options at some bitcoin casinos are not. Some of the less professional bitcoin casinos offer no customer support at all, and that is worrying. Given the fact that many criminal organisations, thieves and hackers use bitcoins as their main currency (again due to its anonymity factor), there is a risk that you may not actually be playing at a bona fide bitcoin casino, but a rogue casino. That is to say, a casino which is not really a casino but is a scam site.

Bitcoin casinos tend to be licensed far less than online casino sites, and they are harder to verify. That can often be a risk that few online casino players are willing to take.

Bitcoin casino games

Bitcoin casino games can be something of a mixed bag. On the one hand, you have a great array of top bitcoin casino games developed by some of the leading online casino software providers on the net. Most of the major developers have got involved and found ways to make their leading online slot machines and table games bitcoin friendly. For more UK roulette and high roller bets we refer you to the
Luxury Casino that offers exclusive match bonuses.

On the other hand, some of the smaller, private bitcoin casino sites (run by single individuals in many cases) only feature a handful of games, and these mostly tend to be dice games, featuring scarcely entertaining random number generator-style gameplay. These games are not exciting, they are not graphically pleasing, and again in some cases, they can be rigged.

If you are going to be playing at a bitcoin casino, choose a casino which is powered by one of the big names in the online casino software industry.

Bitcoin casino promotions

Just like any run-of-the-mill online casino site, bitcoin casinos offer promotions and bonuses. Well, the bigger ones do. You can expect to find the same sort of welcome bonuses at bitcoin casinos as you would anywhere else. In short, this means match deposit bonuses.

It is not uncommon for an online casino to offer players the chance to pocket 100% match deposit bonuses on their first or first couple of deposits, usually up to the 1BTC mark.

Aside from welcome bonuses and deposit deals, most other bitcoin casino promos and bonuses are few and far between. There are seldom too many daily, weekly or monthly specials. That being said, again, if you pop into some of the larger, more respectable and licensed bitcoin casino sites, you can expect to find a flurry of top-notch deals and offers.

Should I play at bitcoin casinos?

Players should try not to misunderstand the situation. If you wish to play at one of the leading bitcoin casinos, go right ahead. They are perfectly safe. In fact, there is nothing illegal or dangerous about a well-licensed online casino site which happens to accept bitcoins as its method of currency. Just keep an eye out for the less respectable rogue and blacklisted bitcoin casinos out there.

If you are still at a loss as to whether to play at a bitcoin casino, ask yourself two questions. Do you reside in a country where online casino gaming is legal?

Does the bitcoin casino offer games you can’t find at a standard casino? If the answers to those questions are yes and no, respectively, then the chances are that you don’t need to play at a bitcoin casino.

However, if you are residing in a country such as the USA, or other countries where gambling laws are muddled and playing online is tricky, then bitcoin casinos may very well be a route you wish to explore to play your favourite online casino games.